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Mar 23, 2023

Civic engagement in the U.S. has been on the decline for many decades. Citizens are participating in public affairs too infrequently, too unequally, and in too few venues to develop and sustain a robust democracy. What’s more, effective engagement is being seriously hampered by a partisan divide between people that seems to be growing. Our podcast this month takes a look at how these divisions are affecting our relationships, and what we can possibly do about it.

There are groups currently working to facilitate interactions between people despite their political disparity. The non-profit Braver Angels, formed after the 2016 presidential election, has been convening meetups both online and in person, nationally and in states across the country, with the express intent of providing a venue for open and respectful dialogue across the political divide. Might we be able to forge a path toward productive and constructive conversations, even friendships, with the help of Braver Angels’ programs?

This is a question Cal Stevens, our guest today, has been exploring. We invite you to to find out more about Braver Angel’s Red/Blue Workshops and how you can participate in Braver Angels’ work in your community to deepen connections, find commonalities, and reduce disparities. 




Cal Stevens is a southern California native who, after some years in Colorado, Arizona, and northern California (Roseville), settled in 2014 on the Central Coast. He has taught business at Cal Poly (Human Resources, Organizational Behavior, Management) and has had prior careers in Christian ministry and as an Organizational Development practitioner/consultant with Intel, Corp. He and Nancy enjoy the fact that all three of their kids, and their three grandkids, live in SLO County. Cal and Nancy enjoy their church, travel, camping, film, theatre, opera, classical music, reading, family, and friends. Cal is also active on a city government advisory board, the Chamber of Commerce, has served on non-profit boards (including Leadership SLO), and currently takes consulting gigs in strategic and organizational design. Right now, he is in training with Braver Angels to be a moderator and a local Alliance Co-Chair. Reach out to Cal with questions or comments at



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