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Mar 24, 2022

Our guests this month are Jamie Woolf and Ila Moncrief, both active volunteers with the GALA Pride and Diversity Center in San Luis Obispo and, in Ila’s case, the LGBTQ+ Center for Campus Life at Cal Poly. Ila serves on the GALA Board, and Jamie leads Tranz Central Coast, an organization supporting transgender and other gender-diverse individuals in SLO County. Through their work with the GALA Pride and Diversity Center of San Luis Obispo, Tranz Central Coast, and the LGBTQ+ Center for Campus Life at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, they have been leaders in the struggle for LGBTQ+ equity and inclusion. Today, they share their insights, concerns and victories.

We welcome Ila and Jamie to our microphone this month.





Ila Moncrief

Ila is a queer, non-binary Cal Poly student with LGBTQ+ Center for Campus Life. Since fall 2020, they have been working with their campus center in collaboration with GALA. Chairing the 2021 Central Coast Pride committee was the highlight of their experience with GALA. Since then, community engagement, education, and visibility have become the focus of their work. They incorporate LGBTQ+ issues into their studies as a Political Science major and minor in City and Regional Planning at Cal Poly. Their enduring love for cities inspires their advocacy for equitable access to resources and urban space.

Jamie Woolf

Jamie Woolf is a retired journalist who spent 32 years writing for the Salt Lake Tribune in Salt Lake City, Utah. Most of that time she covered environmental issues. She received a Knight International Press Fellowship in 1998 and spent six months teaching journalism in Ecuador. She was also a visiting lecturer at Princeton University in 2001.

Since moving to SLO some 13 years ago, she has been president of the Unitarian Universalists SLO Board of Trustees, chair of SLO City’s Bicycle Advisory Committee, a state park docent at the Pismo Beach Monarch Grove, and a volunteer teacher of English as a second language. She is currently chair of Tranz Central Coast, a group that supports transgender and other gender-diverse people in San Luis Obispo County.

She has a son who lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


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