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Apr 22, 2021

Water is life. It cleanses us, sustains our bodies, and connects all living beings and the planet. Our bodies are 70% water and 70% of our planet home is covered with water. Every faith tradition has some sort of sacred water ceremony. Water grows our food and keeps our grazing animals alive. In this episode, we explore all that water means to Earth with filmmaker Brittany App in a joyful conversation honoring Earth Day. 








Brittany App is a professional photographer with two decades of experience and two circumnavigations of the globe under her belt. As a first-time director and producer, Brittany debuted her film, Where There Once Was Water, at the 2021 San Luis Obispo International Film Festival. Her film was met with many accolades! Brittany’s passion is water and water access. She’s a story-teller, a voice artist, and a self-proclaimed shepherdess-in-training. She lives off the grid in the remote Carrizo Plain, CA - with her Great Pyrenees dog, Luna, seven ducks, and a rag-tag wooly crew of sheep and alpacas.

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