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Jun 24, 2021

Bees are essential to our web of life. Jason and I are pleased to welcome Jody Tellier from Central Coast Beekeepers’ Alliance of SLO, and Christopher Carlberg of Hallelujah Honey in Wasco to our table today to talk about bees, bee culture, bee rescuing and so many other facets of the bee communities with whom we share our planet. What is it like to “keep” bees? What is bee rescuing? Have you ever imagined life on earth without bees, and what would that look like? Why is it important for humans to do everything we can to help bees thrive? We’ll hear the answers to these questions and more in this episode.





Christopher Carlberg was born in New Mexico and raised in Orange County, CA. He now lives in Shafter, CA. Christopher earned a degree in Environmental Science from Cal Baptist University (CBU) in Riverside. He keeps bees throughout the state, including in both Kern and SLO Counties, as well as manages his family-run honey business, Hallelujah Honey, based in Wasco.  Christopher has been a professional, full-time beekeeper for eight years, but his passion for beekeeping and the welfare of bees began much earlier than that. He has advanced experience with swarm and hive removals in Southern and Central Valley California. You can reach Christopher at 714 904-2930 or

Jodi Tellier is the president of the Central Coast Beekeeper Alliance of SLO (CCBA). Originally from Northern CA, Jody moved to the Central Coast to attend Cal Poly, where she earned a degree in Animal Science and participated in the student-run annual Bee Project. Jody is a bee advocate and Bee Festival and Honey Festival mentor. The grassroots Central Coast Beekeepers Alliance of SLO includes beekeepers from all over the Central Coast! Club members are all volunteers who help each other and educate everyone that will listen about bees! You can reach Jody at (805) 440-6987 or


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