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Jan 27, 2021

People of Faith for Justice’s inaugural podcast is an insightful conversation with Sister Teresa Harpin, Executive Director and Vivien Devaney-Frice, In Custody & Re-Entry Programs Director, both on staff at Restorative Partners. We ask our guests to tell us just what restorative justice is, how it brings people together and how it can help heal people who have been victimized by our broken system of justice.

Restorative justice, as opposed to our current system of punitive justice, focuses on healing, change and empowerment, not just punishment. Sister Teresa and Vivien are both dedicated to the ideas and practices of restorative justice, and have made a considerable difference in our local county jail, and with local law enforcement leaders. They will share today how and why they are called to this work, the creation of Restorative Partners, the difference Restorative Partners has made in our communities and how you can get involved.







Restorative Partners provides services and programs for those in-custody and for those released from the San Luis County Juvenile Hall, Jail, Honor Farm and State Prisons. Our restorative justice approach focuses on mind, body and spiritual transformation, incorporates trauma informed care, addresses responsibility and accountability, and offers accompaniment through reentry mentorship. We also provide clean and sober living homes for men and for women as well as own and operate a home for women who are ready to reunite with their children and move forward with their lives. The goal in all of our transformative work is to reduce violence and lower recidivism by providing a continuum of care from incarceration through reincorporation to our community.

Sister Theresa Harpin, Executive Director

Vivien Devaney-Frice, In-Custody & Re-Entry Programs Director


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The People of Faith for Justice Podcast is produced and edited by Jeff Manildi

Music for the People of Faith for Justice Podcast is provided by Andrew Gorman